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Inadequate housing makes it impossible for people, particularly vulnerable and at-risk communities, to achieve health.

Until April 2023 ARCHIVE Global was an award-winning international organization; it has become the Healthy Housing Program at the International Society for Urban Health (ISUH). The program uses housing design as a key preventative strategy for improving health outcomes in vulnerable communities around the world. Through simple, innovative, and cost-effective built environment interventions paired with community health awareness campaigns, our research has proven that these strategies improve the health-outcomes of our beneficiaries.

Learn more about our partnership with ISUH here.

Our Work

Each of our projects focuses on one specific health concern and one specific built intervention to improve the targeted health concern, and encompass research, the design of the built environment, and advocacy. Communities of need exist in both developing and developed countries, and our projects reflect that. Explore all of our Work.

Handwashing Stations to Combat COVID-19 in Savar, Bangladesh
Savar, Bangladesh
Mud to Mortar
Savar and Dhamrai Upazila, Bangladesh
Ekibada: Our Periods Matter
Maina Parish, Mayuge District, Uganda
Health and Housing in Haiti
Saint-Marc, Haiti
Building Malaria Prevention
Yaoundé, Cameroon
Building Sanitation in Idenau
Idenau Municipality, Cameroon
Sanitation for Health in Delhi
Aya Nagar, Delhi, India
Happy Healthy Households
Brent and Newham, London, UK
Breathe Easy Camden
Camden County, New Jersey, United States
Active Aging in NYC: Design for Health
New York, NY, USA
CHAI Mosquito-Proof Housing in Namibia
Districts of Mashosho, Simanya, Onoonga, Oupale, Onandjamba A, Omatako, Namibia
Building out Chagas
Healthy Air, Healthy Living
Oromia, Ethiopia

News & Insights

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We are very excited to officially announce that we are now part of our longtime partner, ISUH!

After several years of working together in close partnership, we have decided to join forces to advance our common mission: creating #healthy #equitable #cities and #communities for all.

Ensuring healthy #housing is a key aspect of that mission, ISUH is taking on our legacy, current projects and leadership under their new flagship Healthy Housing program.

Sarah Ruel-Bergeron, RA, our Executive Director will be joining their team as Director of Strategic Initiatives & Healthy Housing.

We are thrilled about this new chapter, growing our impact and engaging you all in our mission! Thank you all for your continued support.

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The team is back to work together in Abidjan this week (@swiss_tph)! We can't wait to engage with our stakeholders to hear what they think would be a good intervention to combat dengue in their own communities. Stay tuned!

#bulidhealthdifferently #ARCHIVEglobal #dengueprevention

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This February, in honor of Black History Month, ARCHIVE Global is honoring 3 pioneers of change in black communities. Find out more below and share those who have inspired you in our comments!

Hilyard Robert Robinson 1889 - 1986
Robinson was a prominent architect whose designs for public housing were so effective that they became one of the driving forces behind the first national housing act. His memorable work includes the Langston Terrace Dwellings and Ralph Bunche residence, both designed in the International style. He was the first African American to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. 1908 - 1972
Powell was an outspoken activist who served 12 terms in the House of Representatives and made his mark in Congress. With his rebellious approach to racial injustice, Powell won the allegiance and admiration of many African Americans, who saw him as a devoted fighter for civil rights. His work in the housing sector focused on advocating for affordable rent and affordable housing.

Patricia Roberts Harris, 1924-1985
Harris played a significant role in the Civil Rights Movement, and American politics. When President Jimmy Carter appointed Patricia Roberts Harris to the position of secretary of Housing and Urban Development in 1977, she became the first black woman to hold that position in a presidential cabinet. While at HUD, she started the Neighborhood Strategy Program where she directed funds to impoverished areas, which improved housing conditions and helped economic activity in urban America.
#blackhistorymonth #leadersinhousing #leadersofchange #buildinghealthdifferently #ARCHIVEglobal

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Interview with Mario Novas, Director of Hacer Mucho Con Poco

In February, ARCHIVE hosted an exclusive screening of the film Hacer Mucho Con Poco, offering an exciting and inspiring look at a new “architectural movement” coming out of Ecuador. The film focused on how the discipline can be made more accessible through creative uses of local materials and new approaches to funding. Hacer Mucho Con […]

Architecture and Global Health: Demonstrating the Links

The built environment mediates our exposure to the outer world, yet how it does so is rarely discussed- probably because there is little credible evidence in the first place on how exactly actions in the built environment affect health, nutrition, or other spheres of life. How should such a conversation begin? The work that ARCHIVE does in low- […]