Health Through Housing Coalition

The Health through Housing Coalition (HtHC) is a digital platform that aims to optimize the positive impact of housing on health through interdisciplinary synergies.

About HtHC

The built environment is a powerful tool to combat health problems, especially for the 1.6 billion people living in inadequate housing worldwide. However, working across disciplines to create collaborative design solutions requires coordination, and can be difficult to fund.

In order to enable a more collaborative process, in 2020, ARCHIVE Global, along with multiple collaborators, launched the HtHC to exchange knowledge, and facilitate partnerships and connections across sectors and industries. Our aim is that this will lead to collaborations and projects to improve housing for positive health outcomes in vulnerable communities worldwide.

Become a Member

HtHC membership is free and open to healthcare professionals, architects, designers, planners, academics, and those curious about the intersection between health and housing.  As a member you will be able to:

  • Learn about the intersection between health and the built environment by exploring our resources, and discover terms you may not be familiar with in our glossary tab.
  • Interact with other members and share your experiences on the member forum page, where you can discover projects happening around the world, opportunities, and challenges that people like you are encountering while doing work at the intersection of health and housing.
  • Act and translate knowledge into action by connecting with other members through our member directory to develop and implement projects worldwide as multidisciplinary teams.

Please visit the Health through Housing Coalition to learn more, and subscribe to the HtHC newsletter to stay connected. Be mindful that this is an early version of the website, so please share your feedback and send any inquiries to [email protected].

This early version of The Health Through Housing Coalition has been made possible with the support of the BOVA Network funded through the UK Government’s Grand Challenges Research Fund.

We look forward to welcoming you to the coalition!