Health Through Housing Coalition

The Health Through Housing Coalition will be a digital platform in support of creating multidisciplinary partnerships to implement projects and collect data to evolve our understanding of the relationship between health and the built environment.

The Problem

The built environment is a powerful tool to combat health problems, especially for the 1.6 billion people living in inadequate housing worldwide. However, working across disciplines to create design solutions that can prevent health problems requires coordination, can be difficult to fund, and solutions can be difficult to envision. A rapidly urbanizing world, housing unaffordability, and climate change — with more than half of the world’s populations living 60km from the sea, all exacerbate the problem.

The Solution

ARCHIVE Global is establishing the ‘Health through Housing Coalition’, a web-based platform to facilitate partnerships and connections across sectors and industries, leading to collaborative projects that can create a number of health co-benefits for vulnerable families worldwide. These projects should also aim to fill gaps in data by measuring their outcomes to better understand the relationship between housing and health, and showcase the potential for impact. The coalition will provide case studies, educational offerings, job opportunities, and other resources that will facilitate multi-sectoral work aimed at improving housing for health.

Coalition Aims


    Provide a place for those interested in developing/joining/funding a project that addresses health through housing interventions to find each other

    Develop resources such as survey tools, definitions, best practice guidelines, standard project documents, etc. that streamline the execution of projects across disciplines
  • SHARE —

    Share case studies, research papers, and reports to spread knowledge and increase the impact

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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