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Inadequate housing makes it impossible for people, particularly vulnerable and at-risk communities, to achieve health.

ARCHIVE Global (Architecture for Health in Vulnerable Environments) is an award-winning international organization that uses housing design as a key preventative strategy in improving health outcomes in vulnerable communities around the world. Through simple, innovative, and cost-effective built environment interventions paired with community health awareness campaigns, our research has proven that these strategies improve the health-outcomes of our beneficiaries.

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Each of our projects focuses on one specific health concern and one specific built intervention to improve the targeted health concern, and encompass research, the design of the built environment, and advocacy. Communities of need exist in both developing and developed countries, and our projects reflect that. Explore all of our Work.

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The COVID-19 pandemic is a ‘crisis within a crisis’ for people experiencing homelessness. Homeless individuals infected by COVID-19 are twice as likely to be hospitalized, two to four times as likely to require critical care, and two to three times more likely to die than the general population.

@WHO is hosting a webinar on January 28, 12h30 – 13h30 CET to illustrate which actions can be taken to decrease these inequalities.
Link to Register: http://ow.ly/jcr250DhRb3


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Did you Know? Fuel Poverty is a global health problem — in the EU, in the UK and in the United States.

Fuel Poverty is defined as the difficulty in accessing energy due to a lack of physical access or economic difficulty in financing expenditure on energy carriers. The EU and UK have formally recognized fuel poverty as a health issue.

Fuel or Energy is vital for maintaining extreme indoor temperatures during harsh weather conditions. In 2015, around 42 million households in the United States received either an energy disconnect, delivery stop notice or they had to do without food and medicine to pay their energy bills. Yet the United States has failed to recognize energy insecurity and fuel poverty as a distinct problem.

Register for this webinar hosted by WHO to learn more about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on households already dealing with a burden of health inequities. @who
Link to Register in BIO


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Whether you are a public health professional, architect, community based organization, or simply interested in the intersection of health and housing.

We encourage you to visit the Health through Housing Coalition (HtHC) and learn how you can get involved in building healthier communities.

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Interview with Mario Novas, Director of Hacer Mucho Con Poco

In February, ARCHIVE hosted an exclusive screening of the film Hacer Mucho Con Poco, offering an exciting and inspiring look at a new “architectural movement” coming out of Ecuador. The film focused on how the discipline can be made more accessible through creative uses of local materials and new approaches to funding. Hacer Mucho Con […]

Architecture and Global Health: Demonstrating the Links

The built environment mediates our exposure to the outer world, yet how it does so is rarely discussed- probably because there is little credible evidence in the first place on how exactly actions in the built environment affect health, nutrition, or other spheres of life. How should such a conversation begin? The work that ARCHIVE does in low- […]

Promoting Senior Health in Interior Environments

Above: Seating arrangements can promote socializing. (Catalina Design Group) Healthy environments are a fundamental right of all people, and we owe it to senior generations to provide a safe and adequate standard of living. From big-picture programming and promoting safety in spatial design, to details like ergonomic comfort, the impact of design decisions spreads beyond […]


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