Handwashing Stations to Combat COVID-19 in Savar, Bangladesh


Savar, Bangladesh





Health Concern

COVID-19 and other infectious diseases

Project Hypothesis

Improving access to handwashing facilities will combat the spread of COVID-19, and reduce infection and mortality rates in Savar, Bangladesh.

Project Strategy

With our project partner ADESH, we selected high-trafficked areas in Savar Upazila, such as markets, schools, and bus stations as sites for the installation of 20 handwashing stations. The design is simple and intuitive: one-foot pedal operates the flow of water and another supplies antimicrobial liquid soap.  Overall Project Goal: Through access to handwashing stations and learning accurate methods of washing hands, this project aims to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases long term.   Objective 1: Build 20 pedal-operated hand washing stations with local labor and available materials using a rainwater harvesting system where possible Objective 2: Form a maintenance committee of locals for long-term maintenance and management of the stations Objective 3: Design and install a poster at each station with information on proper handwashing practices and COVID-19 information in the local language Objective 4: Conduct a street-intercept survey to assess the perceptions and knowledge of COVID-19 prevention measures, and handwashing behavior and attitudes among residents of Savar  

Number of Structures Improved

20 new, locally designed and built pedal-operated handwashing stations were installed


2429 street-intercept surveys were conducted and analyzed

Research Outcomes

Coming Soon! 

Project Partners

  • Local Implementing Partner - Association of Development for Economic and Social Help (ADESH) 


  • Thronton Tomasetti Foundation
  • CaringCrowd by Johnson & Johnson
For more information please contact ARCHIVE here.
Handwashing Stations to Combat COVID-19 in Savar, Bangladesh
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