Happy Healthy Households

Borough of Brent
London, United Kingdom

Tuberculosis is a serious public health threat in the London borough of Brent. Immigrants and minority groups, who are at particularly high risk of infection, make up a large proportion of Brent’s population. The disease burden on these groups is so great that 89% of all reported new TB infections in Brent come from these vulnerable populations. This heavy burden is due in part to the high prevalence of poverty, overcrowding, and poor quality housing. Additionally, the high stigmatization of TB within these socially isolated groups, makes community members are less likely to seek out testing or treatment services offered by the National Health Service (NHS).

The Happy Health Households project combines the efforts of 5 community based organizations, the NHS Brent, and the Brent Council in a partnership with the aim of removing the stigma attached to TB, encouraging early testing and treatment, and increasing awareness about the connection between TB and living conditions in Brent.

Through Happy Healthy Households, 30 community health trainers delivered workshops to community groups to develop the capacity of community members to take action against TB. A community-led photography project and formal exhibition of poor housing conditions engaged members of the broader Brent community about the need for action to improve living conditions in the borough. Additionally, films and presentations about TB were developed and shown on Somali television channels and radio sought to engage residents in thinking about TB without stigma.

Happy Healthy Households is funded by ARCHIVE UK and the National Health Service (NHS), and delivered in partnership with local community-based organizations and the Brent Council.
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