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Presentation at Fulbright International Conference

Peter Williams, Founder and Executive Director of ARCHIVE Global will be presenting at the Fulbright Academy conference on sustainable cities and sustainable development in Abu Dhabi from September 30th to October 3rd this year. Peter has the honor of being a plenary speaker, introducing the topic of Health and Wellness with his presentation. For more details about the conference see here.


Peter’s practical and academic experience in integrating housing design into public health initiatives makes him uniquely qualified to speak on this exciting new aspect of sustainable thinking. ARCHIVE Global’s work has long supported green design as a route to health, notably the project underway in Haiti- which combines renewable energy with design features that reduce the transmission risk of infectious disease.


The Fulbright Academy of Science and Technology is an international collaboration of business people, scientists, politicians and more who are dedicated to improving the state of the world through innovation. They promote practical solutions for the problems facing the modern world from a broad range of disciplines. We at ARCHIVE Global are particularly proud to be a part of the discussion and hopefully, the solution.