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Haiti: More updates from the field!

We are going through the initial steps to secure the project’s foundations while we nurture trustworthy relationships with the locals at St. Marc. We use a community-driven and site-specific approach to housing which provides the individual households with the skills to sustain changes in the future.

ARCHIVE is successfully overcoming the challenges step by step, aiming to be ready to move into the next phase. These foundations lay the path to achieving our foremost goal of designing and building practical housing which combats the challenges of poor health.

Recently, we were visited at the site by Zanmi Agrikol, which means “Partners in Agriculture” in Creole. Their observations were very informative and were made by the director, Gillaine Warne, and two fellow agronomists, Jean Philippe Dorzin and Stenio Louis-Jeune. A tour of the site took place in the hot sun, but as always, the locals and their children greeted us. The kids wanted peppermint and to be carried. First hand knowledge of the soil conditions and recommendations will follow in a later report, to help plan an agricultural component for the site, and for future homeowners to possibly raise crops as a means of self-sustenance.

More updates soon! See photos here.


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