Behomm’s Global Design Community Partners with ARCHIVE

Above: Behomm member in Brooklyn, New York. Design by Ksenya Samarskaya

ARCHIVE is excited to announce its new sustaining business partnership with Behomm (, the first global home exchange community exclusively for designers and visual artists. As of March 2015, Behomm has generously committed to donate 5% of its profits to the mission and work of ARCHIVE Global.

Behomm member in the Alps region of Switzerland

Behomm was created by Barcelona-based graphic designers Agustí Juste and Eva Calduch (, longtime home exchangers with a passion for aesthetics and travel. After spending endless hours picking through crowded home exchange websites, they were captured by an idea they couldn’t shake: creating a site to connect like-minded people with a similar love of tasteful things and an interest in more enriching travel experiences. The result is an impressive invitation-only community, with over 1500 global members who are sharing their beautifully designed homes with one another.

Scrolling through the photographs of Behomm’s listings, one will find an astonishing collection of jaw-dropping properties from Bali, to Marrakesh to Southern California.  But do not be fooled, Behomm’s founders firmly believe that beauty and aesthetics are not necessarily about luxury – they personally get very happy when a small and beautiful home joins the community.

Behomm member in Bali, Indonesia
Behomm member in Bali, Indonesia

ARCHIVE is not only grateful for the generosity of Behomm, we are also truly honored to be a part of this global creative community. With nearly 100 different design professions represented, ranging from architects, art directors, artists, stylists or photographers, Behomm is a community of creative individuals who, like ARCHIVE Global, believe in the importance of a well-designed home for living a healthier, happier life.

Thank you, Behomm!