What can you do in
5 days?

Take the Challenge

What can you do in 5 days?

Take the Challenge
What can you do in 5 days?
Take the Challenge

Here’s the deal.

We’re starting a movement to replace the dirt floors
of 500 homes in Bangladesh by 2016.

Why convert dirt floors to cement?

75% reduction in childhood parasites that cause diarrhea, stomach worms and anemia.

Prevent some 600,000 deaths of children under 5 caused by diarrhea every year.

90% improvement in cognitive abilities in children under 5.

85% reduction in family spending on medications.

Take the 5-Day Challenge.

And ensure that 1000+ children celebrate their 5th birthday.

All you have to do is…

1. Ask everyone you know for a high five

2. 1 high five = $20

3. Receive 5 high fives a day—and share them with #FivesForLives

4. Complete the challenge with $500 and you’ve given a family a new floor

Here’s what happens.

For just $500, you can:

1. Directly help an entire family block out disease in their home.

2. Help ensure that a child will celebrate his or her 5th birthday.

3. Give a family a foundation for better health, well-being, and independence.

See the Results.

Once you fund a house, you’ll become an official partner and receive:

Click on a house to learn more about some of our beneficiary families.

Red houses still need partners.
Green houses have been funded.

Join us in a landmark initiative.

Together, we’ll help over 3,000 people and over 1,000 children under 5.

Featured Campaigns

The movement has already begun.

Anna’s High Five
by Anna Houston

I am starting this campaign because having traveled through India and SE Asia, I know that the need for targeted health solutions is vast. Something as simple as replacing a floor can make a great impact, but can also be overlooked as a viable …

Mad River Valley, VT | USA

Diarrhea No More!
by Nailah Eddoo

A Note from Nailah: I have lived a very exciting childhood on the island of Mauritius, playing under the sun at the beach where as a child my only concern was to protect myself from sunburn. The only time I suffered from diarrhea in my …

Vacoas, Mauritius

Alive Beyond Five!
by Walter Simons

I want to save children’s lives by putting a health protecting floor under their feet. After having worked in the development world for over 30 years, I know the ins and outs of development schemes. Something as simple as replacing a floor can have …

Mill River, MA | USA

Never Too Late
by Raakhi Sunak

This ARCHIVE project is probably the simplest project they have ever done. Replace floors. Save lives. I’m starting this campaign because I trust in ARCHIVE’s approach, I trust in ARCHIVE’s financial model and I trust in ARCHIVE’s project …

Dar es Salaam | Tanzania

Peter’s Hi-Five for little Aasha
by Peter Williams

I’ve had the benefit of traveling to Bangladesh and seeing up close the challenges that these children face. No one, let alone a child, should have to choose between having a good home and good health. Why can’t they have both? This …

New York, NY | USA

High Five – You’re It!
by Jacquelin Tancredi

Hi everyone, I have taken on the challenge to get 5 high fives a day! 1 High Five = $20! Each high five will get me closer to my $500 goal. This means one more child in Bangladesh will reach her 5th birthday! High Five me to her 5th birthday!

Paramus, NJ | USA

Hate Diarrhea? Me too.
by Cleo Stern

I want to help the children in Bangladesh because no one should die from diarrhea that they contract through a floor. This is an incredibly direct, and effective way to help a family in need. While everyone is else is pouring buckets of ice over their heads …

New York, NY | USA

High Five!
by Aggie

For a moment, try to picture yourself and your family living in the house without such a basic thing as floor. Do you realize what kind of consequences it would have for you and your loved ones? Probably not so much … Did you know that thanks to the floor …

London | United Kingdom

The Wizards Team
by Wizards Team, 5th/6th Grade Class

We are 6th graders on a 5th and 6th grade team at Crossett Brook Middle School in Waterbury, Vermont. We want to help children in Bangledesh by fundraising money for cement flooring. We are going to our Farmers Market to sell our homemade …

Waterbury, Vermont | USA

A Family’s Healthy Survival
by Shabari Shaily

Housing and Health are two inherently associated elements of a human being and in all conditions must be protected. Having lived and worked in India as an Architect for a long time, I have seen people living in dire conditions, which is unjustified …

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh | India

Design Matters
by P&T Interiors

“A successful design can be the catalyst towards positive change and a better quality of life.” -Pol Theis of P&T Interiors, an NYC-based boutique interior design firm.
P&T Interiors told us why design matters. What do you think?

New York, NY | United States

Change a Family’s Life
by Francine Corry

There’s no place like home. The state of one’s home is known to affect behavior, emotions, and overall mental health. The benefits of improved housing also include greater financial independence and a more secure life for an entire family.

Paramus, NJ | United States

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