About Us


ARCHIVE Global began as the development of a three-year independent research project funded by Columbia University and awarded to the founder and executive director Peter Williams. The research focused on issues relating to fear, epidemics, public health policy planning, and architecture. Founded as the ARCHIVE Institute in 2006, the organization sought to facilitate cross-disciplinary research from leading academics and professionals from social science, medicine, and architecture and planning. Now known as ARCHIVE Global, our organization focuses on using one basic right – housing – to deliver one basic need – health.


ARCHIVE stands for: Architecture for Health in Vulnerable Environments. ARCHIVE Global believes that health should not be negatively impacted by the state of housing. Operating in the spaces of development, health, and architecture, we prioritize housing design as a key strategy in combating disease around the world.


ARCHIVE is unique in its approach and focus; using housing design as a key component to improve health worldwide. We believe that national and international development strategies must take into account the role of housing in addressing health risks in the most vulnerable communities. In order for these strategies to be successful and accessible they must reside within a diverse context of behavioral change and increased access to health facilities. To achieve our mission we use a threefold approach:

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