Ambroisels and Catherine live with five of their children and three grandchildren in Minkoameyos, an informal settlement outside Yaounde, Cameroon. They built the house together in 1981 and lived there for over 10 years, but in 1994, Ambroisels moved his family to the city where there was better work and more resources.

By 2004, however, the family was forced to move back to Minkoameyos because they could no longer afford to live in the city. After 10 years of being empty, they found their home was crumbling. There were holes in their roof and walls, and there was no longer room for their expanding family.

Without disposable income and with a large family to care for, Ambroisels and Catherine had no other housing options.

Ambroisels and Catherine have watched their home undermine the health and safety of their family for years. They say that about every two weeks, they have a case of malaria in the family and the children have rashes and sores from infected mosquito bites.

There is only one mosquito net in the house, which Ambroisels and Catherine sleep under, given to them during a distribution campaign in 2011. They have another net, but it’s torn and has holes in it. With holes in the walls of their home, open eaves, and no screens on their windows and doors, there is no real barrier against mosquitoes.

ARCHIVE Global’s Building Malaria Prevention project has provided a different scenario for Catherine and her family, who says she just wants to earn enough money to take care of her family and prevent them from getting sick.

With a new roof, new walls, and screens for their windows, doors and eaves, Ambroisels and Catherine now have a home that contributes to their good health, instead of threatening it.

Building Malaria Prevention means that the grandchildren are no longer missing school because they are sick. It means that Catherine and her family go to work everyday, and no longer have to spend money on expensive drugs or visits to the clinic, increasing their access to credit.

It means that, simply, their house is a safe place to live.

There are millions of people around the world contracting and dying from malaria on a daily basis.

Join ARCHIVE Global in Building Malaria Prevention.

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