When you walk through the Nayapara village outside of Dhaka, Bangladesh, you won’t find Ananya playing with the other kids her age. Instead she is tagging along after the older children, walking to and from school. She’s easy to spot because she is the only one not in a green and white uniform.

Ananya just had her fourth birthday and she’s not old enough to go to school yet. But she can’t wait, her mother Jayanti says.

In 2012, when the ARCHIVE team first met Ananya, she was two years old and still crawling. With her hands, knees and toys in the dirt, Ananya was exposed on a daily basis to bacteria and parasites that cause diarrhea, intestinal worms and anemia.

As a result Ananya was at a greater risk of developing dehydration, malnutrition and decreased cognitive and physical capabilities.

This means she would struggle at school.

She would have a harder time gaining the skills needed for a young woman to get a job and raise a healthy family.

She might die before her fifth birthday.

With the implementation of ARCHIVE Global’s Health from the Ground Up Project, Ananya now has concrete floors throughout her house, decreasing her risk of contracting diarrhea by 50%, parasites by 78% and anemia by 81%.
Ananya’s family also participated in workshops about the relation between housing conditions and health, along with simple sanitation practices like washing your hands with soap and water after using the bathroom.

Ananya and her family now have the tools to take a lifetime of good health into their own hands.

Today, Ananya gets to look forward to playing with her friends and starting kindergarten next year.

Help ARCHIVE continue to help children like Ananya by giving them a clean foundation for a healthy future. Let’s fill her classroom.

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