Here’s the thing: infectious diseases are the second leading cause of death worldwide. These diseases not only kill — they hurt economic productivity in developing countries, burden entire families and communities, and can cause lifelong disabilities.

But there’s an upside: these diseases can be prevented.

Whether it be insect vectors entering the household, poor sanitation and chronic diarrhea, home hygiene practices, or inadequate ventilation that leads to respiratory infections, the transmission of these diseases can be prevented.

Simply put, ARCHIVE believes that our homes are a major determinant of our health.

That’s why we’re using simple yet innovative housing designs to promote and build lifelong health for vulnerable communities all over the world.

Did you know that your house can kill you?
Lots of people don’t. Help us spread the word:

ARCHIVE Global is starting a movement to bring together a strong community of advocates and supporters of the role of housing in global health.

A simple conversation about innovation can spark the plug for broader change, globally.

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