ARCHIVE + Article25

Together with Article25, an award-winning UK non-profit architectural organization that designs, builds, and manages projects centered on disaster relief and poverty alleviation, we have formed the largest architectural aid organization on the planet.

Founded in 2006, Article25 has a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from designing and building structures for small community-based organizations to large-scale master planning projects for international NGOs. The organization has worked to lessen the effects of cyclic poverty and natural disasters with projects in places such as: Haiti, India, Pakistan, and most recently Burma.

Article25 was formed after its founder, Maxwell Hutchinson, experienced the effects of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami first-hand. Maxwell, realized that architectural and design expertise could be used to build resilience and sustainability in severely affected communities.

Named for the 25th Article in the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights – the universal right to a standard of living that provides adequate food, shelter, and medical care, social services, and the special protection for mothers and children – the organization seeks to embody these aspirations in its work.

ARCHIVE and Article25 formally partnered with UK operations in 2016. Our first collaboration, working on improved housing designs in Swaziland, started in early 2017.

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