ARCHIVE Global wins OpenIDEO’s Zero to Five Challenge

Over the course of the past few months, ARCHIVE participated in an OpenIDEO Challenge that sought to attract and refine ideas focusing on reducing child mortality. Beginning in September, there were over 400 submissions. Through November and into January, the proposals were refined through feedback and input from OpenIDEO staff and designers as well as the community of contributors themselves.

ARCHIVE’s submission involved its work in Bangladesh, where we’re using a simple intervention, converting dirt floors to cement, to prevent illness among children under 5. Through the ‘refinement phase,’ we outlined our innovative floor design and funding model, which you can read more about on our competition page.

The good news is that not only did we first make it into the top 30 ideas, we made it to the top 10! Stay tuned, a handful of the top ideas will receive funding and design support from … fingers crossed.

archiveglobalARCHIVE Global wins OpenIDEO’s Zero to Five Challenge